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The Herd Digital Black Friday Recruitment Deal

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Yes, you read that right. For the first time ever, we’re offering a limited-time discount on our recruitment services for all new clients this Black Friday.

Not only do you gain the support of our talented digital recruitment team and extensive network of digital marketing candidates, but you’re also getting it at a 25% discount on your first new hire. Because we’re confident that you’ll work with us again.

Simply complete the Submit a Vacancy or Contact Us with the subject “BLACKFRIDAY23”, and we’ll be in touch!

So, other than a discount worth thousands on your next hire, what else do you get from us?

Our Specialised Digital Recruitment Expertise

Working with us gives you access to our in-depth understanding and expertise in the digital marketing recruitment industry. And our thorough understanding of the talent landscape enables to find the best candidates for your business.

A Personalised and Individual Approach

Our priority is building strong relationships by understanding your unique needs, culture, and business needs. This individual approach ensures we find the best talent, that’s right for you: And that for your future recruitment needs, we’re the first recruitment partner you think of.

Agility and Flexibility in Our Work

When you have sudden recruitment needs, you want a talent solutions partner you can rely on to be fast, agile and adaptable. Our customised recruitment experience offers tailored strategies that accommodate your unique needs, to help you hire faster.

Access to Hidden Talent

You gain access to our strong networks of Digital Marketing professionals, who can be difficult-to-impossible to find through traditional recruitment means. We have strategies for reaching passive candidates with highly sought-after skills and experience.

Cost-Effective Talent Solutions

Our competitive fee structures and cost-effective recruitment solutions offer you a high return on investment. We offer competitive pricing structures without compromising quality of service, because we’re confident that you’ll be back again.

Personalised Customer Service

We endeavour to offer a collaborative and transparent partnership to ensure you remain up-to-date throughout the recruitment process. Our dedicated Digital Recruitment Consultants are always readily accessible, to be there when you need.

Quality Over Quantity

We always prioritise quality, delivering a selection of highly qualified candidates who are right for you. This saves time for you by ensuring that the candidates you see, are genuinely strong contenders.

What Our Clients Say

And if all of the above isn’t enough incentive, maybe a sample of our satisfied clients will change your mind:

We’ve worked with Herd Digital for quite a long time and their contribution was significant in developing the SEO outreach team. Candidates were always qualified and well briefed which allowed for a smooth recruitment process and urgent roles being filled quickly – considering that some of the roles were quite niche including language requirements.

Associate Director of Digital PR at Express VPN, Giannis Mantzaris.

Having dealt with many recruiters I can say the Alexis is someone I will constantly keep coming back to. He is a breadth of knowledge and experience within the fields that he recruits for which is a massive bonus for candidates and clients as he gets it and can quickly identify the right people for the right companies.

Would encourage companies and candidates to work with Alexis you will get the best results. I am grateful for his guidance and assistance to date.

Paid Social Manager, Digitas UK, Efe Michael Anighoro.

Kyle is the most purposeful and hard-working recruiter I’ve ever worked with. With great eye for both the best roles and candidates he ensures meetings are efficient and successful. His people management skills and critical thinking makes him stand out from the overcrowded industry and made me put trust in him and Herd Digital.

I had a pleasure working with Kyle on both occasions: when looking for an opportunity but also when looking for candidates. And in both cases, he over exceeds expectations.

And just in general he is really nice person to work with so I am confident he will success in any role, or the most challenging task assigned to him

SEO Manager, Boden, Marzena Maliszewska.

To start a conversation, just complete the Submit a Vacancy or Contact Us with the subject “BLACKFRIDAY23”, and we’ll be in touch!

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