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Benefits of company travel incentives

Herd Digital team. dublinToday was the first day back in the office for our team who traveled to Dublin last week as part of a company incentive scheme. Although there were a few people still feeling worse for wear in the office today, we have already seen some of the significant benefits of company travel incentives.

Travel incentives are a proven experience and a highly attractable reward that encourages employees to boost sales and drive targets, but they are just two of the wide range of benefits they provide. It’s apparent that some companies overlook the benefits that travel incentives provide to both the employees and the company, but our top 5 benefits highlight why implementing travel incentives provides exciting results.


Travel, or any form of holiday is a highly desirable reward that appeals to everyone and that employees crave. No matter how engaged an employee is, they will always look forward to their holidays. Whilst cash incentives may be an attractive reward, it is very easily spent whereas a holiday provides an experience and memories that last.


Travel incentives provide focus, encouraging employees to consider exactly what they need to do in order to achieve their goal. Employees need to engage and constantly perform to gain more sales and hit targets. As activity levels hit a new high, there will inevitably be more sales, with more employees achieving hitting targets. This should mean better results for the company and a positive impact on the bottom line.


Travel incentives that rewards a whole team provides an excellent opportunity for team building. When employees spend time together outside the office, it can enhance relationships and allows staff to get to know each other even better. If new friendships can be built, then your team dynamic should improve too, inspiring improved relationships on your return to the office.


Time spent on travel incentives can create memories for an employee, which link to their company and last well beyond the experience itself. This can also lead to conversations amongst friends, where they would portray their company as a positive and rewarding place to work. No one can promote a company’s brand better than happy, satisfied and loyal employees.


Employees who are rewarded with travel incentives are very likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards their employer as they have been recognised and appreciated for their work. When an employee feels appreciated they become more engaged and motivated, which results in improved productivity. This shows why travel incentives shouldn’t be seen as a one-off investment, because the increased productivity will lead towards future sales and profitability. It will also keep your best staff in your company, as a rewards scheme that offers travel incentives is considered a big perk by staff.

Our incentive scheme doesn’t stop at Dublin, the next target is VEGAS! Make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date with how we get on!

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