Employee Spotlight: Senior Berlin Recruitment Consultant - Dina Cottier

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Employee Spotlight: Senior Berlin Recruitment Consultant – Dina Cottier

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We’ve spoken to Senior Digital Recruitment Consultant, Dina Cottier, to find out what life is like for her at Herd, the unique challenges she faces in the Berlin market, and how she got started in her career in recruitment.

So can you tell us what you do as a Senior Digital Recruitment Consultant?

I’m a digital recruiter working predominantly in Berlin, but I also recruit in Munich and for remote opportunities throughout Germany. I’m what we call a “360 Recruitment Consultant”, which means that not only do I resource and go out and find candidates, but I’m responsible for business development, client relationships and client management. This means I go out and speak to hiring managers and business owners, and hire for the roles I want to hire for.

I work with mainly tech companies in Berlin, but also agencies, small businesses, large corporations: a real mixed bag of companies. I speak to clients and understand their business model: how they want to build their team, their company culture, and really understand the roles they’re trying to fill.

My aim is to create a long lasting partnership with not just the hiring manager, with the whole HR team, and get a full understanding of how the company operates. My approach isn’t really a one size fits all approach, it’s individually tailored to the company so I find digital marketers that are perfect for them.

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What led you to a career in Recruitment?

I did a degree in politics, and wanted to try working for a non-government organisation. So I worked as a community fundraiser for a really lovely local charity in Merseyside. This was mainly doing outreach with local businesses, community groups and schools: It was quite similar in some ways to my job now. I really enjoyed my work there, but after a year and a half at the charity I was ready for something a bit more fast paced. So I started looking for a job that incorporated my people skills, and wanted to go down the business development route.

I’ve always had an interest in digital marketing, so it was great to find Herd. To be able to pursue my interests in digital marketing and business development, while getting to do the outreach I really enjoyed in my old role. Only now in an international setting!

How has your role at Herd changed as you’ve become a Senior Digital Recruitment Consultant?

Well I started during the pandemic, so my situation is probably a bit different to your typical Recruitment Consultant. But it meant I had the opportunity to just start mapping out the Berlin market right from the beginning. I’ve built a great understanding of the tech Berlin market, it’s really different to London and the agencies there. Berlin is a hotspot for digital marketers from across Europe and the whole world really.

I’m at that point in my career where I have the level of experience to not just advise candidates, but employers as well. I’ve seen the job market peak and trough, and can offer market and salary insights to my clients. I’ve worked with different types of companies and had to adapt over the past few years as the markets shifted.

Between the pandemic, the massive growth of tech companies, and now the potential recession on the horizon. But it means I now have the experience to advise companies through the changes in the market, and how to adapt and grow their business to be prepared.

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What’s your experience in Digital Recruitment as a Woman?

I think there needs to be more women in tech and in recruitment, absolutely. It can be a massively fulfilling career, and I don’t think that being a woman and wanting to move forward in your own life should be a barrier to being successful like some people consider it to be.

I always really enjoy working with and placing women in roles. It’s great to see the initiatives of the clients I work with, who actively try to hire more women in leadership positions. 

What’s Your Favourite Part of Your Job?

Speaking to people from all different walks of life who are looking for guidance: And then listening to them, offering my advice and helping them find a role is really fulfilling. Being in a position to help them find their dream role, or that next big step in their career. 

And it’s nice to see someone who you placed in the company doing really really well. And you know that in a few years time when they’ve progressed, they’ll remember how you helped them. Because people don’t forget things like that.

What’s in the future for Dina at Herd?

The next step for me is working towards my promotion to Principal Consultant. It’s the natural progression for me and for my role. I’m still building out my market, so I’m looking forward to working with more great companies across Germany and Berlin. Building more relationships and my personal brand. I want to learn as much as possible before going down the management route further down the line.

Sound like something you could see yourself doing? Read here to find out more about working in recruitment, or apply here for one of our open positions: We’re always looking for talented and outgoing individuals like Dina to join our Herd Digital team, so don’t hesitate to reach out and find out if a career in recruitment is right for you.

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