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Kyle Blake, Graduate Recruitment Consultant: My First Year Working in Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment Consultant - Kyle Blake

How did you get started in Recruitment?

My degree was in media production, and I fell into recruitment by chance really. I’d been looking into digital marketing myself, it was something I was interested in (even if I didn’t know what the hell it was to begin with). So recruiting in digital marketing just clicked for me.

On my first day I was given the usual tour round the office, meeting everyone and really just learning what recruitment actually is. And then obviously, I went home and felt like my head had fallen off from trying to remember everything.

Because recruitment isn’t what people think it is: it’s not just spending all day scrolling on LinkedIn or Reed. There’s a lot more work to it. Some of the people I speak to tell me, “You ask a lot of questions”; and yeah, that’s how we work.

What made you choose Herd Digital?

Before I had even heard the name Herd Digital I was already in the interview process with another recruitment agency. But Hannah reached out to me and seemed really interested in me as a person, and finding out if working at Herd was something that I would enjoy. After the interviews with the team and getting to speak to everyone, I was sold.

John, Adam and Alexis know what they’re doing, and they knew that digital marketing recruitment is something I would be good at. In other areas of recruitment you might earn more, but I loved the idea of recruiting in digital marketing; doing lots of smaller deals and speaking to lots more people. I was told that working in recruitment can mean long hours, it’s not your typical 9 -5; but I was working in a bar at the time, long hours were nothing new to me.

What does a graduate recruitment consultant do?

It’s quite simple. I make a list of people, and I call them.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s what it boils down to. I have to create and manage relationships with new candidates as well as staying in touch with people who I’m not currently working with but may again one day: Because when you click with someone, you know you’ll be happy to work with them for years.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt about being a recruiter is to be curious and ask questions; you need to be inquisitive. Although my manager is probably just happy that my questions are directed at candidates and not at him now.

You have to mess up in this job. It’s learning from your mistakes that makes you a good recruiter. Of course, nobody ever wants to mess up, especially when one small mistake can cost you a deal. But you have to go through those things to learn how to bounce back from them. 

The best things about working in recruitment?

My favourite thing about being a recruiter is the rewards. And when I say the rewards, I don’t mean the commission. That’s not to say I don’t love the commission, because don’t get me wrong, I do. What I mean is that when you work harder than everyone else, you’re rewarded for it. Recruitment isn’t like a typical job where if you do a good job all you get is a pat on the back.

I’ve been at Herd for a year now, and already been taken on two company trips to Ibiza. I don’t know any other job where I’d be rewarded like this in my first year.

Another thing I like more specifically about working here is the flat structure. It doesn’t feel hierarchical. Your managers don’t feel like your managers, but someone you can go to when you need help. And it’s not just the managers. If I’m having a problem then everyone is happy to pitch in and offer advice.

And when you feel like you’re ready for the promotion and you can justify it and show why you deserve it, then it’s there waiting for you. While I haven’t had promotions yet, I’ve still had pay rises to recognise how hard I’ve been working, and it makes me feel valued. 

What’s next for your career in recruitment?

Ahead of me I’ve got the typical consultant route to follow, Senior Consultant and so on. But it’s the management responsibilities I’m looking forward to. I’ve had line management experience previously and I really enjoy helping people to learn and teaching them what I know.

I love the fact it’s a work hard, play hard environment. It really suits me. I’m sure you could coast if you wanted to, you could just hit your targets and be done with it. But I hate losing. I want to be on top.

To find out more about working at Herd, head to our Careers page for more insight into the life of a Herd Digital Recruiter and apply. If you’re not sure then send us a message to discuss if a career in recruitment is right for you. 

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