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How to Choose a Job When You’re Torn Between Two


…Or Queen.

This phrase is regularly referred to in the recruitment industry nowadays. But what does it mean? In short, it’s a way of describing the current hiring environment, where candidates kind of run the show.


It used to be that businesses had complete control over the job market and job seekers had to jump through hoops to land the position they wanted. That’s not the case any longer. Now candidates often have more of a choice and their job search presents less hoops and hurdles. Marketing professionals are regularly approached by employers and headhunters, presenting them with more chances to switch between roles when better opportunities arise.

This doesn’t mean that competition for digital marketing jobs isn’t tough (the average vacancy gets 75 applications); it just means the best candidates often get their pick between multiple career paths and companies.

It’s the perfect scenario for a jobseeker, right?

It is, until you’re torn between two career choices. Here’s how to choose a job when you’ve been presented with more than one good offer. Ask yourself the following questions and then weigh up the answers to be a step closer to making the right decision.

Which role offers the most long term progression?

Choosing a career is going to have a massive impact on the path your life takes for the long term. Of course, most people can de-tour and change their path whenever they feel that a job isn’t working for them, but it helps to find the right fit early on.

The digital marketing industry opens up opportunities for all types of companies. Would you rather work for a non-profit, a cool tech startup, a digital agency or a multinational corporation? Consider the pros and cons of each to explore career progression possibilities.

Make a difference at a nonprofit

Working at a nonprofit organisation gives you the chance to make a difference for a cause you’re passionate about, from tackling homelessness and global warming to saving the orangutans. You could be running the organisation’s social media presence, establishing their brand strategy or contributing to business development.

Working at a non-profit isn’t for everyone; the starting salary might not be the best out there and there’s usually no linear career map. That said, if you work hard and you’re happy to job hop within the company, you could make it to a senior position pretty quickly.

Have an impact at a startup

Taking a position at a startup, especially during the early days, won’t offer you the kind of job security that larger firms can. There are uncertainties about funding and how the market will react, and you can expect to roll your sleeves up and wear the hats of multiple departments.

That’s not a bad thing, though! You’ll become something of a jack-of-all-trades, building skills across a variety of disciplines and building tangible results (which you can brag about in future job interviews). This can make you invaluable at a company and you’ll quickly learn which areas you want to specialise in.

Immerse yourself at a digital agency

A digital marketing agency is one of the most popular types of companies for marketing professionals to step into – for obvious reasons. This is the perfect work environment for someone that already knows where their skills lie (e.g. are you a PPC gun or a paid social wizard?). You’ll work within a team of other like-minded people and get to pick up some skills from other departments along the way.

Career goals in an agency tend to focus on becoming the head of a particular department, though some agencies might be okay with you developing your skills in other areas, too. Check out our current jobs in digital marketing agencies to see what’s out there.

Build an impressive CV at a multinational corporation

3 million people apply to work at Google every year. Why? Because not only does it have glowing reviews from staff as being a great place to work (it was crowned the “Happiest Company in America” in 2011), but Google basically runs the internet and is notoriously difficult to get into. If your digital marketing CV lists experience at an impressive company, you’ll fly through most future application processes.

Larger companies have the resources and the structures in place to provide exceptional employee development and some might even offer job rotation, so you can try a few different roles. Just be aware that you’ll be a small fish in a big pond and won’t have as much of an impact on overall results.

Will you be able to build transferrable skills?

When you’re wondering how to choose a job between two attractive offers, consider what your day-to-day activities would look like. Read and re-read the job descriptions and ask questions in your interviews.

Does a position pigeon-hole you and prevent your growth? For example, a digital job that’s popping up lately is something along the lines of Social Media Influencer Coordinator. While influencers aren’t going anywhere yet – and you might know every teeth whitening product, weight loss shake and hair health gummy bear there is to know – this particular sector of digital marketing does get its fair share of backlash.

Do your research. What happens when brands want to stop using micro-influencer marketing completely? What about when Instagram rolls out more features such as its recent removal of likes or worse – shuts down completely? If you’re fresh out of university and you move straight into a highly specialised role that’s based around a current “trend”, you might find it difficult to expand to other styles of marketing in the future.


What motivates you?

Primary motivators vary between candidates. A decent salary might drive one candidate, while career progression or home-based/flexible working opportunities could clinch another. Our number one piece of career advice during your job search is to go with your gut.

When you’re choosing between two jobs, make a side-by-side comparison and give each job offer one point for every time its perk is better than the other. If it’s a perk that means a lot to you (e.g. you can get an early finish to pick the kids up from school), give it two points.

You could include common motivators such as:

  • Salary
  • Package (pension, health insurance, etc.)
  • Bonuses or commission scheme
  • Working hours
  • Flexibility
  • Option to work from home
  • Length of commute
  • Number of holiday days and personal days
  • Other unique perks

What you want from a role ultimately comes down to you and your lifestyle. You should also consider things such as rapport during the interview; did you bond well with the interviewer and any other members of staff you came into contact with? Did the office seem like a working environment you would enjoy?

Why working with a recruiter can help you choose a job

More marketing professionals are turning to specialised headhunters when they want to explore career options. A recruiter like Herd can assist you with your job search, finding the role that’s right for your long-term career development and your lifestyle goals – helping you spot red flags and unsuitable offers along the way.

Acting as the middle-man between you and leading employers in the UK, it’s in your recruiter’s best interest to fight for the salary, perks and package that meet your requirements. Call us to find out more: 0208 629 6006

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