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Finding the right Data Science recruiter

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We live in a data-driven world. Companies are trying to figure out how to be more cost-effective and streamlined. The best way to do this is through data science. So because of this, there has been a massive boom in the data science industry.

When there is a boom in the job market, recruiters are usually not far behind. As a result of the increase in data science jobs, there as been an increase in data science recruiters. This means that you have more choice over which data science recruiter you want to go with, but it also means that there will be some recruiters that work at a below-par standard.

Although some candidates have bad experiences with recruitment agencies if you find a good recruiter they can save you a lot of time, effort and most of all, help you get your dream job.

But how can you tell if a data science recruiter is right for you? We’ve got some tips below to help you spot the difference between good and bad data science recruiters.


Do they know Data Science?

What you really want from your recruiter, is that they understand data science. For example, do they know the difference between data science and a business intelligence role?

The best companies will either hire recruiters with a data science background or train their recruiters in the basics of data science. It is fine to ask your recruiter about their data science recruitment experience, because the same way they want a good candidate, you want a good recruiter. 


What data science jobs have they recruited for in the past? 

Asking your recruiter what jobs they have recruited for in the past is important. If a recruiter can’t tell you about their past candidates, it is an indication that the recruiter does not form genuine relationships between them and the candidate. 

It is important that you know your recruiter has a genuine interest in your career and wants the best for you. If your recruiter is trying to force you to move into a role that is a bad step for you in your career, it is likely that the recruiter is just working for the commission which is a big warning sign!


What will the recruiter do for you?

This is an important question. You don’t want a recruiter to have you as the job seeker to do everything, whilst they sit back doing the bare minimum. Each job seeker is different, and they all expect different things from their recruiter. So be clear with your recruiter. If you want them to negotiate your salary, help you with your interview preparation, just ask them. A good recruiter will be more than willing to help.


Do you get along with your recruiter?

This may seem very obvious, but it is an important question to ask yourself. If your interactions with your recruiter consist of frustrating conversations, then you may have to consider that this might not be the recruiter for you.

It is essential to build a healthy relationship with your recruiter, this means that you know that the recruiter will always put your best interests first to help you further your career.


Find your data science recruiter

If you are looking for a new data science job, and want to find a recruiter that you know will have your best interests at heart, get in touch with Herd. Our specialist data science recruiters are always looking to help candidates further their careers, and we work with some great clients that have opportunities for you to do that.

Check out our latest data science jobs online, or contact us now if you want to find out more.

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