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How companies can avoid Work From Home burnout

With new lockdown restrictions in place, more companies are going back to a full-time work from home schedule. When working from home, some employees feel pressured into overworking as they feel like they need prove to their employers that

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Are you sleeping enough to be productive at work?

Not getting enough sleep the night before work can cause a serious decrease in productivity. If you have one bad night’s sleep you can feel very slow and struggle to focus the next day, so imagine how this would

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9 ways to make your office more Eco Friendly

Whether you’ve been an environmentalist for years or you have been inspired by others, climate change has probably been on your mind. You may have adopted ways to reduce your own carbon footprint but imagine if you could do

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How to stay focused at work – 12 simple tips

Completing all the tasks at hand during the workday is one thing but staying focused on them to be as productive as possible, is another completely different challenge. Between phone notifications, text messages, incoming emails, and the chatting with

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