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How to be more productive at work

Everyone wants to find ways to be more productive at work. But just having more coffee and making lists will not make you reach your peak productivity (although it does help). Why is everyone looking to improve their productivity?

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Tips to help you control your Video Interview nerves

You’ve made it through the application progress, the employer really likes the look of your CV and they have now invited you to a face to face video interview. Even video interviews make us all feel nervous, especially as

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Data Science Interview Questions

As a Data Science Recruitment Agency, we have our candidates going into Data Science interviews on a daily basis, with industry-leading companies in Berlin and London. Because of this, we have been able to gather some data and provide

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Finding the right Data Science recruiter

We live in a data-driven world. Companies are trying to figure out how to be more cost-effective and streamlined. The best way to do this is through data science. So because of this, there has been a massive boom

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