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Best Marketing Campaigns From September

We’ve handpicked what we think are the best marketing campaigns from this September. Take a look at each campaign below.


SodaStream Can Move Mountains

SodaStream’s created an employer branding campaign in-house to promote the company culture. We think it’s great!

When we think about branding and digital campaigns – marketing budgets, ROI, influencer outreach and product placement come to mind. But from what we’ve recently learned through working with a client, employer branding requires just as much creative and memorable campaign work.

This is the best recruitment advert you will see! SodaStream clearly invested a lot of resources into the production, and it shows. We really like that SodaStream’s CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, put himself in front of the camera. He portrays a consistent, enthusiastic and personable image throughout the two minutes. It’s not an easy-feat for a non-actor, but he nails it and I would work for him any day.

I don’t think Sparkling water-makers was the original motivation for this ad, but we’re sold; We need a SodaStream! Employer branding campaigns are created to attract great candidates, and if you want them to join your company, you need to be the best – this video showcases SodaStream as just that!


Say Hello To Holly Nichols

This was quite a bold (and expensive) move from Harvey Nichols. Overnight, the luxury British department store underwent a gender swap and became Holly for September. The retailer changed everything including email signatures, shopping bags, social media branding and even the signage at the Knightsbridge store.

Harvey Nichols created the #HelloHollyNichols campaign to celebrate female empowerment, and promote the new Knightsbridge First Floor. September is a big month for fashion, so there was no better time to carry out the transformation. Read an interview with their new Head of Brand, Marketing & Press.


Nike – Pushing Boundaries Since 1964

Nike like to make some noise and take a stance for what they believe in! Check out PRWeek’s compilation of Nike’s most provocative and ambitious work.

Campaigns highlighted in the article include ‘Unlimited Courage’, which featured the first Team USA transgender athlete and ‘What will they say about you?’; Nike’s effort to tackle prejudice among Middle Eastern women.


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