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Digital Marketing Salary Survey 2023

Digital Marketing Salary Survey 2023

The 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Survey from Herd Digital is here to explore the changes in the digital industry from 2022 to 2023 and what we can expect as we look forward to 2024.

We’ve spoken to the digital agency leaders we work with, to find out what they look for from digital marketers, and spoke to our candidates to find out what is most important to them, in their next role.

As well as of course, permanent and contract digital marketing salaries across:


PPC and Paid Search.

Paid Social.

Digital PR.

Programmatic Advertising.

Performance Marketing.

Biddable/ Paid Media.

Client Services.

Digital Marketing Salaries for Candidates in 2023

As inflation continues to rise, knowing how much you are worth has never been more important. Which is why our 2023 Digital Marketing Salary Survey is here to help ensure that you’re being fairly compensated for your hard work.

And as digital marketing salaries continue to rise, it becomes more important for you to understand the changes in the industry and to recognise your own worth.

Digital Marketing Salaries for Clients in 2023

And rampant inflation has meant rapidly changing salaries for digital marketers: leaving many digital agencies and businesses caught out by not keeping up with rising salaries and having their best digital marketers tempted away by competitors.

Which means it’s equally crucial for digital agency leaders and businesses to maintain they are compensating their digital marketers at market value, as a minimum.

Browse the New Digital Marketing Jobs on the Market

Understanding the digital marketing salary you are worth is only the beginning. Next, you can have a look at the open digital roles across the UK and in London, here.

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