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Data Science Interview Questions

As a Data Science Recruitment Agency, we have our candidates going into Data Science interviews on a daily basis, with industry-leading companies in Berlin and London. Because of this, we have been able to gather some data and provide you with some essential Data Science Interview questions you need to know before your next job interview.


Why do you want to work at this company as a Data Scientist?

This question is an opportunity to express your passion for Data Science. Explain to the interviewer what interests you about Data Science, and in particular what parts of the job description made you interested in the role.

Another good tip is to tell the interviewer how you are specifically interested in their company because of what you have heard/seen about them (make sure you do your research).


How will your previous Data Science experience help in this role?

The skillset required for the role may require you to explain what relevant experience you have, which makes you more suitable for the job. 

A good method to explain how your past experience has prepared you for this new data science role is; 

  • Describe the situation
  • Explain how it is relevant to a section of the job description
  • Talk about what your task was
  • Discuss the actions taken to complete the task
  • The results of your actions

Talk about a recent Data Science project you’ve been working on?

A lot of interviewers want to know what projects you have worked on in the past, so before your interview, have a think back to what projects you have worked on that are similar to the role you are applying for. You want to show your potential employer that you are experienced in the industry and that you have had similar responsibilities in the past. 

If you haven’t had experience that is very relevant, don’t worry! Think about projects you have been on in the past and explain to the interviewer how you think that experience can help you with the role you’re applying for.


What challenges have you faced during a project?

This question allows you to showcase your problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the workplace. As a data scientist, you are often faced with complex problems, so the interviewer likes to see your ability to overcome problems and stay calm whilst you find a solution. 

Think back to a problem that occurred during a past project, and explain to the interviewer how you used your skills to overcome it.


How do you organise big data sets?

Data scientists are often faced with the task of combining large amounts of data and information. You need to explain to the interviewer how you handle organising large sets of data from different sources.

This information is important to know for the interviewer because as a Data Scientist you are required to clean and analyze data accurately to give recommendations to solve business problems.


What Data Science tools do you have experience with?

The purpose of this question is so that the interviewer can get a good understanding of what programming languages and tools you have had experience with in the past. 

In your answer, explain what tools you have used in the past, and how you have used them to complete tasks. 

A great tip for this is to read the job description and find what tools/programming languages are included in there. If you have experience with any of the tools, make sure you include them in your response and explain how proficient you are with them.


How working with one of our specialist Data Science recruiters can help you

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